Speak Through Me, Holy Spirit



Meriam Matthews

Fall 2003



Come, Holy Spirit, speak through me because what I speak of my own tongue is but a whisper in the wind, unheard, unheeded, worthless, soundless, without merit. But all that I speak of You, by You, is the music of the heavens. The flame of love and life burns brightly when Your words are fanned by my shout, "How mighty Thou art!" How beautiful, how sweet, how precious beyond my own words Thou art!


Your power, oh Holy Spirit, dwells in the holiest of holy places of my temple. Your power, released and mightily used in Jesus' name, finds home in a cleansed temple, a temple where windows open to clean sunlit air and moonlight, a temple where ancient voices of Abraham shout down the dust of scrolled law to make room for the law written in my heart.


I know neither whence You come nor where You go, but my temple door is open to You. My veil is rent enough to let you in so you can use me as Your pulpit. Tell the world how You, the Great Healer, will mend the heart, no matter what the injury. There is no break You cannot seal by precious spilt blood, with Your own heart inside.


My own heart has let Yours in. There are no conditions, no barriers. Lord Father, Lord Jesus, Holy Spirit, speak through me as though I were as clear crystal. See my life and let me live it with You as the only living tenant of this temple. You are the Holiest, living inside the Holiest Place of my temple, a place set aside for You alone.


Live in me so I may love through you. Love is everything You are, and more. See me, Holy Spirit, as though I were the eager pen that writes Your Word for the painful world. Write with me Your words' most ardent desires.  Make of this tool a dove's feather quill, fluttering Your words to the letter mankind reads.


Spirit of the Living God, write on the wind Your words as they blow through broken hearts to unloved ears which listen for Your voice. Use me, Holy Spirit, in perfect guidance of the Word's perfect truth.