Meriam Matthews

Summer 2003




I slip and fall. God raises me

To hail Him crownèd Prince of Peace

My heart swells glorious in His presence

as my hand reaches for His face.


To touch Him once in Spirit reigning

Let His fingers twine in mine

Bringing me along the pathway

Bringing me alone to Thine.


My being once was tarnished, blackened

Restored through grace's boundless joy

In His heart my childhood growing

So to hear His voice Divine.


Bring me, Lord, to polished pureness

Only you can do that miracle

Show the world no one is beyond

The supernatural touch of your heart.


Watch me, careful of my tenderness

Be the lover of my soul's trust

Must I always, may I ever

Live up to your love for me.


Speak those words of heavenly treasure

If indeed my deafness hears you

As I listen, panting for your whispers

My spirit stirs a holy passion.


Lift me, raise me, o'er this plane of sorrow

To serve in throne's reflected glow

Let me see your face, forbidden

to my brethren long ago.


You hold nothing from me

I have seen and felt and known

All your lovely gilded glory

Gone from this earth, frozen, loveless.


Let me touch your robe, Lord
Hemmed with hopes and hearts unloved

Loving You is all that matters

Can you hear the wailing others?


Keep me pure for bridal hours

Untouched by sin's persistent hounding

Resisting even slightest selfness

Make me shy, a blushing bride.


Whisper in the ears of deafness

Eyes of blindness need not see

Except to know your highest kindness

They will ever meet their angels.


Writing as they always do

for falling spirits caught in plunging

off the cliff into the abyss.


Oh, to soar as once and ever

To the universe around me

Where we met the moment I believed.

You rescued me….and graced my destiny.


Wafting up to Your ears,

Grace, oh grace, forever grateful

For this undeservèd honor

taken still in awed confusion

Knowing my gifts are few.


But You chose me -- now I see into eternity's long end,

Ever knowing I can do

what never having ever done.