Winter 2002


Meriam Matthews


Can you ever understand

The depth of hope and love I feel?

Do you know my trembling heart

And how you rescued me, my Lord?


When I soar so high above

Underneath your wings I stay

Where my soul is sheltering

In your arms of loving care.


Lord, your living water flows

Poured into my emptiness

Washing clean a restless life

Purifying, sparkling there.


Master, see this jar of clay

Waiting for your Potterís hand

Molded, turned and smoothly pressed

And shaped to be Your rescued one.


How did you do it?

Why did you do it?

Or did you just love me from the start?


Voices silent, promise broken

Oh how much I needed You

And again you rescued me

From empty shadows out of Israel.


How the world was opened up

On the day I spoke Your Name

Into all the shadowed years

Which vanished in a cleansing flame.


You were waiting just for me

Loving heart and outstretched hand

When I lifted mine to yours

You brought me to eternity.


Leaving self, I seek you, Lord

In your patience, resting sweet

Iím your child of Abraham

Praising, waiting at Your feet.


In Your mercy, answering

All the questions in my mind

Patiently You fed my soul

And rescued me in perfect time.


Dear Lord, youíre my Jesus, Lord

Shine on those who stay behind

Rescue them, redeem their souls

And let Divine love light their lives.


Jesus, speak inside of them

As You whispered in my life

Show Your Cross as peaceful balm

That lifts them to Your sacrifice.


I look to thee in loving penitence

Resting in Your sweet caress

Knowing that you gave Your life

To give us life in Holiness.


How did you do it?

Why did you do it?

Or did you just love me from the start?


Thank you, dear sweet Jesus, Lord

For that still, small voice inside

Loving me, protecting me

Revealing how You rescued me.