Mirror of Gethsemane


Meriam Matthews

April, 2005




Expect the darkness, it will come

some sunny time before life's done.

When all seems right, then all will be

Fearsome darkening secrecy.


When pain has been your spirit's blight,

And all seems drawn to darkest night

Recall how Jesus' blood-soaked face

In garden's weary, shattered place

Took up His Cross and went to be

Beside the Father to set us free.


We'll take the cup, we have no choice

We'll hear once more the Saviour's voice,

"Your will, not mine" shall prove to be

Our mirror of Gethsemane.


Think not of self, remember Him

Who suffered lonely, desperate, grim

While tired friends slumbered near a tree

He cried to God, "Deliver me!"


'Twas then our Saviour sacrificed

"This cup is mine, I give my life."

Our sins were washed, our hearts made new

By Him whose freedom comforts you.


So hear, when darkness veils your sight

Let Christ's words light the darkening night

"Your will, not mine" will ever be

Your liberty soliloquy.