Meriam's Computer Art

During the early 90's I was temporarily given some modest art ability, which promptly vanished immediately after these computer-generated "paintings" were completed. Each image came to me, I rendered it, then went quickly on to the next. I was never able to do another image again, although many were published in a local newspaper in Charleston, SC. I can only assume that the Lord wanted me to do these images for a purpose. Only many years later, when we moved to Lake Toxaway, did I realize that I was to teach a separate Bible study on each of these images. God does work in mysterious ways.

Alpha and Omega

By Grace Alone

Exodus II

For This Purpose

From The Ashes



In Remembrance of Me

Jesus The Veil

Jesus Wept

Life Eternal

Living Water

New Covenant

The New Jerusalem

No More Pain

In The Shadow of Thy Wings

The Greatest Commandment

The True Vine

Tree Of Life

Wailing Wall No More