God, Physics and Illusion





Meriam Matthews

February 16th, 2003


We contract in direct proportion to our expanding knowledge of God's nature and character. The more we know Him and know about Him, the more we realize how truly small we are. Yet we do not become so diminished that God ceases to love us as individuals.


He wants just enough of us left so that we spend it in loving obedience to Him. There should be nothing left over in us for anything else. If there is, it is to be discarded.


We are at once the glass empty of Self and full of love for God. The glass' overflow is spread around to our fellow man. Only with the glass empty of Self can we be full of the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ and are therefore uniquely enabled to carry out the first commandment -- to love the Lord our God with all our heart, soul and mind. With the glass thus full to overflowing with love for God, we have the capacity to carry out the second commandment, to love one another as Jesus loved us. The rest of God's Law is contained in those two commandments.


It is God's desire to create in us a physical impossibility -- that of being empty and full at the same time; empty of Self and full of the love of God. We cannot do this under our own power. But God can do this with ease because He is not a slave to the laws of physics. Because God exists supernaturally in the past, present and future at once, defying all the earthly constructs of man-made time, He can create in us a supernatural state of being at once empty and full.


The Divine Illusionist, God permits Man his own ill-conceived illusion that he controls his own life and his own destiny, while it is God Who actually does so. How does He do this with every living person on this earth at one time? Because in God's world, there is no "time." None of the laws of nature, whether physical or temporal, apply to God's infinite power, a power so far beyond mortal understanding and logic as to conjure in the mind the comparison of an amoeba to an Einstein.


God's mercy, grace and power are infinite. For those who rely upon Him completely, those qualities are ever-present in their lives. For those who do not rely upon Him, they forever do battle against God in favor of the comfortable illusion of self-sufficiency, self-direction and self-competence.


Thank you, Jesus, for revealing to us that our spiritual and actual peace lies entirely in letting You do Your work by getting out of Your way.