Fun With Friends, Then and Now

My friends and family, please don't hesitate to send me digital photos of yourselves to include here in this web page. I'll be happy to add them!

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Carole Tayler Weitzman

Philip and Fari Assatourians

Pastor and friend, Harry Anton

Pauline Bairnsfather

....with crazy family

Karen and Werner Hartenberger

Cooks Online group meets in Charleston

The Bairnsfathers, later on

...visiting Lake Toxaway

Geoff and Jack


Pauline and Family

Pauline doing what she does best: 2010, Australia

Barbara Kline

Donna, Barb, Me

Barb and Jerry

Thoringtons and Brickers

Jerry Kline

Junie, Lisa, Pat, Me praying

Jan Graves

Sharon's b'day lunch

Bible study lunch

Mary Ann Dilworth

Me and Donna

Murph, Marty, Pat, Mary Ann

Pat Webb

Doris Sims

Tim and Shermane Wheeler

Ruth Cech and Char Holbrook

Ruth nagging John Holbrook

Marcus and Ruth

Shelley and Gregg Stahly '08

Girls Night Out, Feb.'09

Jeanne Weiland

Doing the Karaoke Thing

Girls Night Out, Feb.'09

Meriam and Jeanne

Girls Night Out, Feb.'09

"I Will Survive"

Girls Night Out, Feb.'09

Junie Seropian

Girls Night Out, Feb.'09

The Girls: Me, Junie, Madeline,

Marty, Lisa, Jane (others hidden - Barb, Pat, Jeanne)

Girls Night Out, Feb.'09

Pat Webb and Jane Keadle

Sherry Minnich and Jane Keadle

Buehler Party 2009

Buehler Party 2009

Larry, Donna, Buzz, Marsha and Me

Buehler Party

Diane and Gary Roberts

(unknown woman in front)

Jody Newman and grandbabies



Bible Study "Retirement" luncheon for me

April 27, 2011

Bottom: Kathy Balistreri, Joy Lamp, Diane Roberts.

Second Row: Pat Webb, June Seropian, Marty Young, Barbara Kline, Tamsin Freeman, Madeline Varrier, Maura Terman

Third Row: Jane Keadle, Me, Char Holbrook, Deb Bergren, Carroll Summerour

(Out of State/ill: Leslie Brown, Jane Graves, Dell Anderson, Margo Bettis, Susie Smith, Lynn Jones, Joyce Davidson, Jeanne Weiland, Sally Noran, Donna Parker, Jacki Skivington, Sally Steinmeyer)