Daylight Stars




Meriam Matthews

December, 2009



In the daylight of the soul, stars shine but cannot be seen. They bring beauty to the night, splendor to the skies and a sense of awesome majesty, as though God chose the night to show His greatest glory.


In our lives, the darkest nights provide the greatest chance to display God's glory even when the temptation is to pull down the shades, draw the curtains and shut out His starlight. When it is darkest, God is at His brightest. He provides the small lights that perhaps only hint at the Light to come but which reach out a hand for our drowning spirits. We are His daylight stars, only seen when darkness blankets the earth.


One star will not light a dark path. But millions of stars, as the grains of sand will light the universe of life He offers. He offers it all --  every star -- not just one, to us. When the sun goes down, it reveals a velvet background for countless more suns to blaze their light, to say, "we are here."


One sun setting does not a sunset make, but one Son makes all the stars brighter, so that at the last sunset, the Light will be brightest when we finally and eternally meet the sainted stars of Abraham's promise in a place where there is no need for sunlight. The King of Kings provides the light of His glory to the New Jerusalem.


The darkened night sky, with its myriad stars of Abraham's promise, lights the way to the Great Light, Jesus Christ, who sits at the right hand of The Father, work completed, interceding, guiding us through dark star-pocked nights and sunlit days.


It is the Son who is the sun, lighting our lives, guiding us from before the creation of the world.

We have no fear of the dark.

The Son is the end of doubt.

He is the end of sorrow.

He is the end of pain.

He is the end of darkness.

He is Light everlasting to everlasting life.