Blood Choices


Meriam Matthews

Updated December 2009


Twice in history did God tell the Jews they would be protected by the blood of the lamb. The first time was during the final plague in Egypt before the Exodus when the blood of a freshly slaughtered lamb was to be spread upon the doorways and doorposts of the houses of the Jews so that the Angel of Death would pass over the houses, sparing their lives.


The second time the blood of the lamb was used to spare Jewish lives was when God told the Jews that the true blood of the Lamb was spread over their lives from the Cross, by Yeshua - Jesus, the Messiah. The blood was shed for their sins with Jesus' substitutionary offering of his own life for their salvation, redemption and eternal life. They had only to have faith that Jesus is the Messiah and to receive Him into their lives.


The first time they received the offer to be spared in Egypt, they did obey God's command, painting lambís blood across their doorposts. The Angel of Death passed over them. The blood was God's merciful sign that the angel of death would spare the Jews. This "passover" story is still told at every Jewish table at the feast of the Passover and more recently is being told at Christian tables as well, because the story is prelude to God's plan of salvation for mankind. Itís a beautiful story of Godís love and mercy, and of the obedience of His people, Israel. At the Passover, they obeyed Moses, chose the blood of the lamb, and it saved their lives.


The second time God offered the Blood of the Lamb in the form of the Living God, Jesus Christ on earth, most Jews rejected it. With few exceptions, they shunned the Son of Godís sacrifice on the Cross; a Cross which symbolized the doorposts of their souls.


Why did they listen to God the first time and not the second? The first time, their lives were at stake in the immediacy of the moment: The Angel of Death was to arrive at a time certain and would spare the Jews whose doorposts were streaked with lambís blood. They knew exactly when their death would come, which made it more urgent to avoid.


But the second time the saving blood offering was made on their behalf in the form of Jesus' blood, the time of their deaths was not revealed; they were not told when they would die so they rolled the dice, thinking not in the moment, but far into the future. Or so they believed. Like teenagers and young people, they believed themselves to be immortal and invincible. The threat of death was not uppermost in their minds when Jesus went to the Cross, so they gave little consideration to Godís warning: Regard the Lambís blood as sacrificial  for your sakes or eternal death will claim you. Accept this Lambís blood sacrifice and you shall have eternal life. Reject it, and to dust your body will return but your spirit will be resurrected to eternal damnation. They did not heed the warning, nor did they accept Jesus as Messiah.


Sadly, when God does finally take them, they are unprotected by the Blood that protects Believers, and they will suffer forever. But those who remember the Passover mercy of the God of Abraham's blood of His only Son, will reap the reward of eternal life if they once again obey God and heed His words: ďNo one comes to the Father but by MeĒ and "No one comes to Me unless the Father draws him."


The blood choice still remains. There is still a chance for modern Jews to retrace the steps of the Exodus and once again reclaim the promise of the Lambís blood so they can streak it across their spirits' doorposts. Salvation is a drop of blood away.


There is nothing for anyone to lose by recognizing that Yeshua (Jesus) is the Messiah and by asking Him to come into their lives, But there is an eternity to gain, and an earthly life overflowing with joy and grace before the heavenly eternity begins. After personal eternity begins, the joy of being with God will be even greater than on this earthly plane, which is hard to imagine for the already-indwelled Christian who now sees his life overflowing with the loving blessings and joy of the Holy Spiritís presence.


My prayers are for atheists, agnostics, seekers, Jews and people of other faiths to choose to  accept the blood of this Sacrificial Lamb so they may feel the personal touch of God. Nothing can compare with this touch. God wishes none of his children to perish, so I pray those who do not yet believe in Jesus Christ will come to understand and accept Him. Not only will they have joy in this life, but an even more joyous everlasting life as promised by Jesus Christ, the Messiah.